Is Black Seed Oil An Effective Acne Treatment? Find Out The Facts

Acne Remedies have been around as long as acne has been in existence. With so many acne remedies, it can be overwhelming and confusing to really trust which ones are effective. At Remedies For Acne Site we review all the acne merchandise on the market and every one the newest acne remedies to help you discover the most effective acne treatment that is suitable for your skin condition.

This oil is very potent because of its ingredients and their properties. It oil contains essential fatty acids and vitamins which the body needs to healthy hair, skin and nails. The Linoleic acid and Arginine in black seed oil are known to fight inflammation, eliminate free radicals and stop infections. These very same ingredients improves the elasticity of the skin, prevents and improves wrinkles and scars. Lately scientists have confirmed the anti-bacterial and anti-mycotic effects of black seed oil.

Nigella Sativa has also been used to treat arthritic due to its anti-inflammatory properties. Acne suffers can mix this oil with honey to be used as an acne treatment mask. It helps renew cells and heal acne scars. In addition to infection and inflammation, black seed is also used to treat fungal infections. As acne infections are caused by bacteria as well as fungus, this oil can be used to address both types of infections in acne sufferers.

Even a remarkable reduction of blood sugar levels has been found by scientists. Nigella Sativa extracts have been found help to stimulate bone marrow and immune cells, so writes the scientists of the Cancer Immuno-Biology Laboratory and adding that it raises the interferon production, protects normal cells against cell destroying effects of viruses, destroys tumor cells and raises the number of anti-bodies producing B cells.

There are so many uses of this essential oil that it is truly something one should have in the home. Scientists have discovered that it helps reduce blood sugar levels. According to the Cancer Immuno-Biology Laboratory, Nigella Sativa extracts can stimulate the growth of bone marrow, immune cells and increases interferon to destroy tumor cells and cancer causing viruses. The oil has also been used to treat upset stomach, jaundice, wind and jaundice. The arginine in black seed has the remarkable ability to increase the production of mother’s milk.

In ancient times, black seed oil has been used as a remedy to treat all kinds of health problems. Allergies, bronchitis, asthma, dermatitis, inflammation and infections are some of the ailments where this oil was centuries ago. However, since black seed oil is very potent, you have to exercise caution when using it. There are risks involved if you opt to use this oil.

Black seed has been reported to increase the chance of seizures in epileptic patients. However, more analysis needs to be conducted to fully evaluate the risks. Apart from the risks involved, This particular oil contains helpful properties that greatly scale back acne formation. The oil is made from black currant, a woody perennial shrub found in milder climate regions. It is well-known for nourishing the skin and obtaining rid of acne. If you decide to use Nigella Sativa oil to treat your acne, make sure you get only pure cold pressed black seed oil.

Is Black Seed Oil An Effective Acne Treatment? Find Out The Facts by Isabella M Roy

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