I Found The Holy Grail For Acne!! Tea Tree Oil and Vitamin C

Tea Tree Oil to treat and disinfect your skin, Vitamin C to treat the scars and overall discoloration on your skin.
Just shows you that you don’t need to go broke to get your skin under control c:

Let me know if I should make a video about how I do my makeup!
Also; if you can point me in the direction of free video editing software, I don’t even know where to begin to look for one :s

Here’s links I found for the products that I’m using:

Jason Tea Tree Oil:
Vitamin C Serum:

It really doesn’t matter what kind of astringent, tonic, or toner you use, but try to find one that doesn’t have alcohol in it. PLEASE use something to dilute the tea tree oil, it can and will burn very badly, and could cause a lot more damage if you don’t.

Source: I Found The Holy Grail For Acne!! Tea Tree Oil and Vitamin C

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