How Do You Stop Eyeglasses From Giving You Acne Or Other Skin Irritations?

Acne can be problem for people who wear eyeglasses. The parts of the eyeglasses that touch your skin, especially on the nose, can cause acne because of the perspiration build up as well as a skin reaction with the parts that are touching it. Acne does not have to be a problem for people who wear eyeglasses.

The following are a number of tips that will help prevent acne:

1. Clean the plastic bridges (parts that lay on the side of your nose) with rubbing alcohol each morning and night to kill the bacteria that can grow.

2. Use a gentle acne cleansing solution to clean your face. This will keep your skin from becoming to dry and oily. It will help maintain the proper PH balance. A glycerin based face wash is also gentle and helps restore the skin's PH balance.

3. If your skin is too dry, try using a gentle all natural moisturizing soap. You should wash your face twice a day and pat dry with a soft face cloth. When washing your face, make sure you wash the areas where the eyeglasses touch the skin.

4. There acne medication one can use. Make sure it is a mild strength solution because if it is too strong, irritate or cause further breakouts.

5. Eat healthy foods that are low in sugar. This includes fruits and vegetables. Foods high in fiber are a good choice. As well, drink plenty of water. Water is a natural detoxifier.

6. Avoid letting your hang on your face. The natural oils from your hair can cause an acne breakout.

7. Use a natural mask such as an oatmeal mask which can absorb toxins, oils, and bacteria on your skin.

8. Get plenty of exercise. Sweating and then showering will help eliminate any debris and bacteria from the skin.

9. Natural make up is a good choice. They do not contain any chemicals and additives. There are also hypo allergenic and do not cake up on the skin. Make sure you do not sleep wearing manufactured make up products.

10. Try not to touch your face. Your hands contain oils so you may cause an acne break out if you touch your face too much.

11. Benzoyl peroxide is a good antiseptic product to clean out blocked skin pores and treat acne infection.

12. Use an effective sunscreen containing a moisturizer when you are out in the sun.

13. Natural oils such as rosewood oil, lavender oil, clove oil, and bergamot oil are helpful for treating acne.

14. Medicines that contain Vitamin A are effective at treating and eliminating acne.

15. Do not squeeze blackheads and pimples because the skin breaks and will spread the acne infection.

The best and most inexpensive method of treating acne is to avoid getting it. With proper care of your skin, you do not have to be afflicted with acne break outs when you wear your eyeglasses.

How Do You Stop Eyeglasses From Giving You Acne Or Other Skin Irritations? by Amy Nutt

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