Foods To Avoid For Acne | Nutrition With Suman Agarwal

What you eat will always show on your skin, says Suman Agarwal Celebrity Nutritionist. Acne can be caused due to Hormonal imbalances, in case of this it is best to visit a doctor and get that under control. The other cause of acne is diet.

Some foods to avoid for acne are yeast containing food like bread, pizza and naan. Also, people who are lactose intolerant are more prone to acne caused by ingesting milk and milk products. And, ofcourse junk food is a major cause of acne. So, if you are able to control your intake of these foods it should help control your acne breakouts.

Suman says, the foods that help curb acne are onion, tomatoes, garlic, sea food, beef lamb, pumpkin, green leafy vegetables, nuts and berries. It is important to also exercise and get adequate sleep. With these few changes in your lifestyle you will be able to control acne.

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Source: Foods To Avoid For Acne | Nutrition With Suman Agarwal

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