Causes of Severe Acne on 7 Different Locations of Body

Some Locations of Body Acne Which Can Reveal Health Problems.Body acne in different body parts caused by different causes described in the only 2 minutes.

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The Locations of Body Acne Can Reveal Health Problems

#1 Zone 13 & 14

Acne on the lower body or buttocks can be caused by underwear that isn’t breathable, or some sort of issue with your diet. Try getting breathable underwear first and if this doesn’t clear it up you may need to take steps to change your diet.

#2 Zone 1S

Hormones and glands effect this area. If you notice acne on your jaw or neck could indicate over active adrenal glands, or hi sugar intake.

#3 Zones 2 & 3

Stress would be the cause of acne in this area around the shoulders.

#4 Zone 4

Acne on this area indicates some sort of digestive problem. Possibly drinking too many cold beverages could also effect this area.

#5 Zone 5 & 6

Acne on this area of the elbows could mean keratosis polaris caused by an over production of dead cells or poor circulation. This can be caused by inefficient use of body vitamins.

#6 Zone 7

Acne in zone 7 around the belly indicates a problem with blood sugar levels.

#7 Zone 11 & 12

Zones 11 and 12 are the most common areas for acne. You may have heard it called bacne. But acne in this area is typically caused by nervous and digestive system malfunction so it is a broad spectrum. See a dermatologist about this kind of acne.

Acne occurs while the pores for your pores and skin come to be blocked with oil, useless skin, or bacteria. Every pore in your skin is the hole to a follicle. The follicle is made from a hair and a sebaceous gland. The oil gland releases sebum, which travels up the hair, out of the pore, and onto your pores and skin

Some foods cause your blood sugar to upward push fast, triggering a boost in insulin. An excessive amount of insulin for your bloodstream can trigger adjustments for your frame which can cause the growth of pore-clogging cells. It is able to additionally enhance motion in your oil glands. So make a few adjustments on your food

Acne is an infection of the skin, caused by modifications in the sebaceous glands. The maximum not unusual shape of pimples is called pimples vulgaris, because of this “not unusual zits”. The redness comes from the inflammation of the pores and skin in response to the contamination.

Oils from the glands combine with lifeless skin cells to dam hair follicles. Below the blocked pore, oil builds up. Pores and skin bacteria can then develop very quickly. This contamination makes the pores and skin become swollen and red, which becomes visible.

Acne is not unusual during puberty, while a person is turning from a toddler into an grownup, due to high levels of hormones. Zits becomes much less common as human beings reach maturity.

Source: Causes of Severe Acne on 7 Different Locations of Body

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