Causes Of Acne & How To Get Clear Skin NATURALLY | 7 Lifestyle Steps

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This is a video for ‘Acne Awareness Month’ with some of my best tips for clearing up your spots/acne and will hopefully be helpful for people of all ages who are dealing with various levels of acne! I talk about water, sleep, hygiene, exercise, stress management, food and supplements to help you to get clear, glowing skin!

I dealt with acne for years and years and finally am free of it, thanks to being consistent with the topics discussed in the video above. It feels amazing to be able to rub my face and feel no lumps and bumps, and this involves NO doctor’s bills, NO expensive treatments…it is cheap and easy to get the skin that you want, all you have to do is educate yourself on the information I’ve shared. It is a miracle and I only wish I’d known all of this when I was a young teenager, crying every time I saw my red, cystic skin in the mirror!

I had hormonal acne all over my cheeks and jawline, but when I was really young it covered every inch of my face! I do still have scars and hyper-pigmentation, but the important part is that the ACNE is GONE 🙂

Please like and comment if you’d like any other acne videos, such as my skin care routine, my acne story, an acne makeup transformation etc etc! Also, look out later this evening on my blog for a more detailed post on this topic 🙂

Thanks for watching guys, love Mel xx

Source: Causes Of Acne & How To Get Clear Skin NATURALLY | 7 Lifestyle Steps

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