Acne And Hormones

This article will inform you about the connection between Acne and Hormones and the role hormones play.

How Hormonal Acne is Formed

Hormonal changes have a great influence on the development of acne. High hormone levels, especially androgen and testosterone, over-stimulate the oil glands and causes overproduction of oil in your skin. The oil surplus then causes the skin pores to become clogged and that is how acne starts to develop. When the sebum (oil) overflow and reach the exterior part of your skin it can make contact with bacteria. Viruses start to breed in the blocked follicle and causes the follicle to get swollen. In defence, the body sends out some white blood cells to the swollen follicle to break the swelling down. This process causes inflammation that results in acne.

The balance of estrogens (female hormone) and androgens (male hormone) must be maintained for a healthy looking skin. As one’s skin ages, your oil glands tend to mature very quickly and this can also lead to overproduction of oil in your skin.

Hormone’s Influence on Males and Females

The production of androgens increases during puberty and also along with a woman’s menstrual cycle, causing an imbalance of hormones. This is the reason why teenagers and women often suffer from hormonal acne. Hormones can also cause acne for men because androgens are male hormones and the male body can also overproduce it, causing an imbalance of hormones.

Women, Pregnancy and Menopause

Hormonal influences on acne include birth control pills, pregnancy or menopause. Women often suffer from an acne breakout the week before they start to menstruate. The reason for this is because the production of estrogens decreases at this time of her menstrual cycle. Pregnant women’s oil glands sometimes go into overdrive and also cause an oil surplus. After menopause, estrogen levels decrease and testosterone (male hormone) becomes the dominant hormone, stimulating oil production as well.

Androgens are probably the main cause of hormonal acne. That is why some birth control pills containing female hormones, estrogen and progesterone, can help to reduce acne for some women or teenage girls.

How to Know if your Acne is caused by Hormones

Hormonal acne typically form acne lesions on the lower part of your face, around your jaw line and on your chin, but could also appear on your back or chest area.

You can identify hormones as the root cause of your acne if you menstruate irregularly and get a breakout prior to your menstrual cycle. Be on the lookout for hair that grows excessively or on unusual places like in the beard or moustache area due to male hormones. Your face could also become more oily than usual as a sign of a hormonal imbalance.

How to Treat Hormonal Acne

Fortunately for you, there are many products available these days that could help you deal with hormones that cause acne. You could also try some natural remedies to help you cope with hormonal acne. Drink plenty of water, relax and get enough sleep. Do some exercise and follow a healthy diet. Limit your fat, caffeine and sugar intake and beware of too much direct sunlight.

Hormonal acne should be treated internally as well as externally for efficient and lasting results.Follow the basic principles of living healthy and maybe combine it with some acne treatment if necessary. You will then be treating your acne internally as well as externally and this will show some great results.

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Acne And Hormones by Chris C Du Toit

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