How to get rid of PIMPLES & FOREHEAD ACNE? LEARN home remedies for forehead pimples & acne that work.

Are you getting pimples marks or acne scars on face or forehead is a common thing. Pimples on face is definitely an ugly sight and concerning thing. Young girls, especially during the adolescence age have outbursts of these pimples or zits. Developing pimples on your cheeks, forehead can make your face look tired and unhealthy. All of us want a clear complexion and smooth skin, free from any pimple or acne marks don’t we? Therefore with the outburst of pimples on face, you start wondering about the ways to get rid of these ugly little things and reverse the skin damage or acne scars. You will be surprised to know that it is difficult, but not impossible to get a clear, healthy and pretty looking skin.

Let us study some common causes of Pimples on Face/Acne Scars:

1. Clogged pores: A major cause for pimples on the forehead is the fact that the forehead is an area that comprises of the T-Zone where oil glands are always active. Excessive oil secretion can lead to clogged pores resulting in acne or pimples on the forehead.

2. Stress: With so much of activity that keeps us busy throughout the day, stress levels are on the rise. This is another cause for eruptions of pimples on the forehead.

3. Dandruff: Pimples sometimes can get aggravated with the (fungus) dandruff. Acne or pimples can trouble even people with clear complexions if they have dandruff.

4. Hormonal changes: Adolescence is that time period of a person’s life, where he or she has to deal with hormonal changes that are not very nice! Fluctuating hormone levels cause pimples to show up not only on the face but all over the face too.

The answer is natural home remedies that offer a simple, effective and risk free solution to get rid of fore head acne scars and remove/treat pimples or their ugly marks. In addition to treat pimples/ance, these home remedies are useful to rejuvenate your skin and reverse the impact of any acne medications. What’s more any natural acne treatment has no side effect.


1. Lemon Juice:
Lemon juice is always refreshing to drink, isn’t it? Why don’t we try using lime on our faces and see how well it works on pimples? Squeeze some juice out of a lime and dab the areas affected with pimples with some cotton wool. Leave it on overnight and rinse your face the next morning with cold water. Repeat this once a week and watch those pimples disappear!

2. Toothpaste:
We all know that Toothpaste is meant for brushing, but did you know that it can be used to cure pimples on the forehead too? Take a finger full of white tooth paste and apply it onto the pimples. Leave it on for 15-20 minutes and then rinse with cold water. You can observe that the pimples will eventually reduce in size.

3. Steam for the face:
Steaming is another remedy for pimples. It opens up the pores, allowing the dirt to come out with ease and clearing your skin. You can either use a steamer or take a bowl of hot water and place your face over the bowl allowing the steam to come in contact with your face. Take the steam for about 10 minutes and then wash your face with cool water. The pimples would start disappearing slowly!

So no more hassles! Get rid of stubborn pimples or acne marks from face or forehead and walk with confidence.

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Source: 3 Best Home Remedies To GET RID OF PIMPLES & FOREHEAD ACNE

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