My Weight Loss Journey! ♡ | How I Lost 16 lbs in 12 Weeks | Philippines

I forgot to mention that I have been consistently working out since last October 2019 but I only started eating properly last May 2020. So I started losing weight around that time. It only took me 3 months to lose 16lbs! 🙂

Just to put it out there, Im not in any way hating or body shaming. Self love is a loooong process and of course i am encouraging everyone to love yourself regardless of your body size! 🙂 I actually just began this journey because i know that it will make me feel good about myself. Working out has been my coping mechanism during this pandemic and i wanted to become the best and healthiest version of myself. Please watch the whole video since I mentioned my struggles and relationship with food xx

I hope you guys enjoyed this video. Feel free to comment below any questions! ILY ALL AND STAY SAFE! ♡


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