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Hey Guys, as a sequel to my video about How To Remove Butt Hair Easily I thought I’d make another video about men’s grooming seeing as The Butt Hair Removal one was such a hit.
So here is my secret to keeping my pubes in a nice tidy fashion, Enjoy!

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How to keep your pubic hair tidy….hmmm interesting…
Well, it’s true, today I am going to be talking about my pubic hair and how I keep it tidy. Just FYI, that is me in the picture of this post and yes that is my real pubic hair that you can see lol.
So if you are not really into awkward conversations buck off. I am just kidding, no, anyone is able to watch this video, but if you don’t like awkward topics I don’t know why you would even want to read this.

So… anyway let’s move forward so what I wanted to kind of bring forward today was just the idea of what I do to keep my pubic hair tidy. I am not telling everybody to go and buy exactly what I use and use it. I am just literally sharing an idea with you and I also wanted to kind of make this post like a forum. So any extra ideas you have about pubic hair tidiness is welcome here!

I did a video about removing butt hair and it was a really big success and lots of people were talking about it and I had no idea that there was a market for that kind of thing so I thought “well let’s go on the path of more men’s grooming, why not?”
So yeah if any of you guys have any great ideas about removing your pubic hair please leave a comment below just so everybody that comes in can see everybody else’s ideas and we’ll all just share our idea. I think idea sharing is great.

All right, let’s move on with the story.

So I have tried various methods of removing pubic hair. One being shaving, one being hair removal cream, and one is the way I am going to reveal to you today. I am actually not going to shave my pubic hair and post pictures of it here, but I am going to tell you about how you I do it.

So shaving didn’t work. I found the skin, the razor would cut the hair to the skin level, therefore, the hair would actually go underneath the skin and cause an ingrown hair but multiplied across thousands. So you’ve got thousands of pubic hairs, thousands of ingrown hairs, oh my god, fuck no. So we crossed shaving off the list.

I then went to the hair removal cream. I thought well, hair removal cream works great on my butt. But for some reason, it still doesn’t work great on the front. So when I put hair removal cream on the front again took the hair back to the skin level and I got thousands of ingrown hairs again. So I was like “ugh this isn’t working”.
And then I thought,” do I even want a baby smooth front area anyway?” I mean like come on I’m 22 now, I don’t think I need this kind of thing. So I went looking for a different solution.

I read a couple of pubic hair articles online (much like this one) and a lot of people said that beard trimming or clippering your pubic hair was the better thing to do. Particularly because it shaves it back so that it is not a big overly disgusting pubic bush, but it also keeps it above the skin line so you don’t get ingrown hairs and you still look like an adult.


This sounded great to me. So I went okay let’s go and buy some clippers. I bought a pair of clippers from Big W. This pair of clippers was $20.
really, really good investment actually for shaving body hair off. I don’t just use this for my pubic hair I use this for my legs as well and sometimes on my chest. I keep it away from my face because we don’t want to be putting pubic germs all over our face now do we? I have a separate clipper for that and for the sides of my head. But yeah.

So I was a little bit scared the first time that I turned this on and started using it, it was like *NAHHHH* and I was like holy fuck I am not only going to shave my pubic hair, I’m also going to shave my balls off. Not a good feeling.

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