Bodybuilding: The Body Building Bible – Nutrition • Training • Supplements (Healthy Leaving Book 1)

The Body Building Bible: 2nd Edition

Nutrition • Training • Supplements

Have you ever wondered:
• If calories DO really count?
• If eating more protein or fat will benefit you?
• If we should eat less or more meals per day?
• Eating more carbs in the morning or later in the day?
• Does extra muscle tissue burn more fat?
• I hit a weight loss plateau, how can I overcome it?

In this book we are going to…

Analyze in great detail what you can use in order not only to get fit but also stay fit for the years to come. I analyze the most important factors in order to achieve the body you always dreamed of. I will explain the concept behind the proper nutrition, calorie allocation; I will even provide sample nutrition plans in order to understand the philosophy behind the ideal nutrition planning and macro nutrient allocation.

Here is a preview of what you’ll learn…
✔ Understanding the concept of bodybuilding
✔ Debunking common myths about nutrition
✔ What you will gain in the process
✔ The optimal nutrition: How much protein, carbs, fat I should eat
✔ Training: Efficient workout without injuries
✔ Supplements: Which work and which don’t
✔ Basic Anatomy: Major Muscle Groups
✔ Useful Tips & Tricks
✔ Myths vs. Facts About Anabolic Steroids
✔ Much, much more!

This book will provide some very analytic steps a lot of details on what to eat, how to exercise and what supplements to use in order to achieve your goals as fast as possible…and make sure you stay that way.

*Please make sure to download this book again if you have already purchased it since this is a major update, with many additions, improvements, new illustrations etc

Thank You!

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Source: Bodybuilding: The Body Building Bible – Nutrition • Training • Supplements (Healthy Leaving Book 1)

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