Want a sure-fire way to eradicate your small penis woes? Your path to a gloriously larger manhood can begin starting from today! There is absolutely no need for you to invest your money on any enlargement device or medication at all – all there is to a natural penis enlargement is through the proper use of exercises, and a healthy nutrient intake!

Step 1: Penis Exercises

There is no doubt how effective doing penis exercises can be in growing your male organ bigger. It involves stretching, stroking, and massaging your organ in specific ways in order to foster it to increase in its length, size, as well as fitness. And while many men still believe they require special tools in order to do so, you will be surprised at how advantageous using your hands is in performing the exercises!

Because using your hands, you can control the amount of pressure you can tolerate while doing the exercises. Because you require just the right set of pressure while doing the exercises, and not risk physically harming your penis instead.

With the right amount of pressure while exercising, you actually stretch and enlarge the internal blood chambers to allow more blood to store. This simply means the more blood your penis can hold, the more larger it can expand in size.

Step 2: Healthy Nutrients

Eating right is also part of a good penis enlargement program. Because the exercises biologically affect your penile structure, you need to ensure you have the right vitamins and minerals to aid its progress.

There are a combination of vitamins, minerals, and special herbs to both help you increase your libido, and also increase your sexual prowess. While this by itself may not bring about any gain in your manhood size, it certainly helps in maximizing the results you get out of doing the penis enlargement exercises.

Here are the recommended nutrients to help you achieve these 2 vital goals of increasing your libido and elevating your sexual performance:

Herbs for an increased libido

Pumpkin seeds

Black wheat protein

Royal Jelly

Vitamins & Minerals for an increased sexual performance

Calcium (500mg)

Vitamin B12 (200mcg)

Potassium (25mcg)

Biotin (300mcg)

Selenium (200mcg)

Folic acid (400mcg)


Combined with a proper penis enlarging exercise program, this healthy nutrient intake will accelerate and maximize your growth process. And in most cases, it only takes you 6 weeks to start seeing a prominent, natural growth in your penis size, and a satisfied look in your woman’s face the morning after!

Penis Enlargement – 2 Steps to Achieving a Prominent Growth in Your Penis Size For Good! by Bill Waterman