The Indians of the Amazon River Basin have been using guarana (guaranine)to prevent fatigue and increase physical endurance since before recorded history.

Unlike caffeine, guarana is full of healthy fatty acids. Good fat gives guaranine a slow release. Its effect gradually increases over a period of hours. It doesn’t pick you up and throw you down like quick release caffeine,or cause nervous, jittery energy.

Caffeine is the most widely used drug in the world. Hundreds of studies have proven it’s mental performance boost. One, published in Neurology found that three cups of coffee a day cuts your risk of mental decline by over 50%.

Coffee gives a short burst of energy, but overheats and overstimulates your body. Guaranine has a cooling action that revitalizes and relaxes – much more beneficial! You get energy and alertness but remain calm.

Paullina cupana, this Rain Forest herb with guaranine, works its magic by releasing acetylcholine, a neurotransmitter, in your brain. This brain chemical lets your nerve cells fire through the gap that exists between the trillions of neurons in your brain.

Thus, your mind is sharp and your memory is clear. Morning coffee releases acetylcholine which gives you the buzz.

But… coffee DEPLETES your reserve of acetylcholine. Guaranine is slow acting with none of the caffeine side effects but it works in the same way. Eventually you lose your reserve of acetylcholine.

But if you trigger a release of acetylcholine with CHOLINE, and then rebuild your reserves you can sustain the amazing rush of clarity over the long term.

Choline is the primary building block for acetylcholine. Your brain burns it up 24/7 to maintain clear communication for all the basics like thought, memory and sleep, even how you move.

That means your sense of balance and stability is controlled by choline-built-acetylcholine

Your supply of choline drops as you get older, and you can expect some or all of these symptoms:

  • Poor recall and memory loss.
  • Fatigue or lack of energy.
  • Brain fog and/or a sense of confusion.
  • Problems falling asleep, tossing and turning.
  • Unable to catch on, or learn new things.
  • Feeling distracted or irritable.
  • Walking with a wobbly or shaky gait, unable to stay balanced

When choline levels drop, your brain goes on a scavenger hunt and extracts choline from nerve cell membranes. This last resort is called “auto-cannibalism” and it’s very dangerous.

No surprise, Alzheimer’s patients have very low levels of acetylcholine. As the disease progresses, it’s the choline neurons that show the most damage.

Put more choline into your body! Your brain gets more of the neurotransmitter that keeps your mind alert and your memory fresh.

When you combine choline and guaranine you get a bigger release of acetylcholine – more than taking guaranine by itself. That results in the feeling of energy and mental power. But instead of depleting your reserves, you build them up.

Choline and guaranine are enough to repair and rejuvenate your aging brain. But there’s another key brain booster essential to a better formula: DMAE.

Clinical studies show DMAE can:

  • Boost IQ
  • Accelerate mental speed and your ability to process thoughts and ideas
  • Improve your concentration and eliminate early morning “fogginess”
  • Relieve the symptoms of mild depression
  • Decrease irritability and over activity Increase attention without causing drowsiness

Choline also brings down your levels of both homocysteine and CRP, reducing the risk of heart attack and stroke.

The Difference Between Guarana and Caffeine in Brain and Heart Health by Dianne M. Buxton