Choline is a vitamin found naturally in eggs. It acts as a precursor to a chemical in your brain called acetylcholine, which is thought to increase focus. I’ve talked about choline a lot on this channel previously, however, this product is unique as it mixes two different forms of choline together – Alpha GPC and Citicholine (CDP Choline) – to create a powerful nootropic stack to increase your focus! You should talk to your Doctor (I am not one) about supplementing with choline as taking too much could cause headaches.

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“There are many benefits of the Optimal Choline Complex that go beyond acetylcholine synthesis. While the two main ingredients, CDP choline and alpha GPC choline, provide adequate acetylcholine support, there are other advantages of using these prodrugs. CDP choline (aka citicholine) is known to improve focus and attention in students with learning disabilities or ADD. For people that do not consume enough eggs or organ meats, CDP choline and alpha GPC choline both prevent memory impairment and neurological degradation common in Alzheimer’s patients and those with senile dementia.

CDP choline can improve cerebral blood flow to the brain and can decrease the accumulation of lactate and glutamate, which are both implicated in neuro degeneration. CDP choline is also unique in that it aids the reconstruction of membrane phospholipid stores, which are often depleted. CDP choline also creates uridine in the body, which is a neuro protective agent similar to choline.

Alpha GPC works on many of the same mechanisms as citicholine, but has additional advantages. Studies show 14% power output in strength athletes as well as higher human growth hormone secretion. More importantly, alpha GPC can potentiate the effects of an acetylcholinesterase inhibitor and promotes long-term potentiation.”

This channel and the majority of its videos explores the concepts of biohacking and the Quantified Self movement. This includes smart drug / nootropic use, biofeedback devices, brain-mind technologies, contemplative practices, diet, exercise, and the philosophical contexts surrounding them.

Nothing on this video or channel replaces medical advice from your Doctor. Anything I personally talk about is limited to my own experience. I am not a physician, I am just some guy on YouTube. I encourage everyone to follow the law and I do not condone drug abuse.

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Source: Combining Alpha-GPC & CDP Choline | Optimal Choline Complex Review