Alon Neuman talks about his experiences  as a male  facing  the need to go thru fertility treatments (IVF) with his wife, and how humor is a refuge in life. 

Born in Haifa, spent his military service at the “IDF” theater
Studied acting in-”NYU” NewYork, and- “MOUNTVIEW THEATRE SCHOOL” London.
Theater -A member of “Habima” National Theatre .Played at “the Cameri theatre” ,“Haifa theatre” and “Gesher” theatre .Received Honorable Mention for his
performance in “Tom” at the “Theatroneto” Festival 2006.
Alon was in the original team that created and established the show “Mayumana“with whom he appeared around the world.
TV -“70 Million reasons ,”Abaz and Imaz”, “Hamagefa”, “Galis”,Kochav hatzafon”, “Milui’im” “Chasufim” ,“Shiur moledet”, “AD khan”,”Whose Line is It anyway?” “Hamadrich lamatchilim”, “Sha’aruria “and many more.
Appears regularly with his own stand-up show called “No preservatives added” across the country.
Every Thursday Alon can be heard on his radio program “Artis TEAM ” Together with Dr. Simon Azoulay, at EOL radio (“Mahut hachaim)”, essence of life.
Alon teaches actors “Ivana chubbcuck’s technique.

This talk was given at a TEDx event using the TED conference format but independently organized by a local community. Learn more at

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Source: IVF, Fertility Treatments & Men: A Puzzeling Proposition | Alon Neuman | TEDxJerusalem