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Schwarzkopf Freshlight Sweet Apricot Hair color products from Japan hit Freshlight Foam comes hot trendy shades. With creative recipes for hair of Asian people , especially the sparkling, bright fashion colors. Bright and shiny The packaging is outstanding. Notably by presenter Blythe dolls.

1. Cream hair color when mixed with grease hair color.
2. Perforation drill a hole in the rear box. Golden bottle topper cream into the room and open the bottle.
3. Hair color cream squeezed from a tube into a bottle of good Web developer.
4. Close the jar tightly and shake the bottle to mix the cream until it becomes homogeneous. (Do not change a hair cap while shaking).
5. Open the bottle and the cap is a cap comb. Turn the lid closed tightly combed hair color negative flows into the palm.
6. Nourish the hair and leave for 20 minutes.
7. I wash and blow dry.

Equipment inside the box
1. Liquid Hair Color Light Fresh Passion Pink Champagne of 40 grams.
2. Cream Golden Hopper volume 80 mL.
3. After Peter concolor Tree house of 20 ml.
4. cover comb
5. glove
6. How to use the brochureHair color products FRESH light sweet apricot unit. Blonde Copper
Cream Can penetrate into the hair perfectly.
With nutrients from Silk Care deeply and closed my hair smooth and shiny. Combined with eight other nutrients to moisturize the hair.
Fruity fragrance a sense of freshness. With dyed hair color is uniform.
FDA No. 20-1-5600177.

Buy now… $34.50

Source: Schwarzkopf Freshlight Hair Coloring Sweet Apricot.