First of our bicep building exercises for building bigger biceps is the Hammer Curl: Stand upright holding two dumbbells at your sides, palms facing inwards. Keeping upper arms pointing down, raise both dumbbells forwards and up in an arc in front of you to squeeze forearms and biceps together, then slowly lower following the same arc and repeat.

Cable Preacher Curl

With a preacher curl bench facing a low pulley cable station, sit on the bench with upper arms resting on the front pad. Grip the straight bar attached to the low pulley. Keeping your upper arms on the pad, pull the bar up to your shoulders to squeeze forearm and bicep together. Slowly lower the bar back to start position and repeat these bicep building exercises.

Chin Up Exercises for Building Bigger Biceps

Using a reverse grip, palms towards you, grasp the chin up bar with hands about 8 inches apart. Hanging from the bar, pull yourself up so that your chin reaches above the bar. Lower slowly to avoid swinging, and repeat.

Barbell Curl Bicep Building Exercises

Fourth bicep exercises : Grasp a barbell, hands shoulder width apart, palms upward. Standing upright, feet shoulder width apart, with the barbell hanging at arms length down in front of you, curl the barbell up in an arc towards your chest to squeeze forearm and bicep together. Slowly lower the barbell until your arms are almost straight and repeat. Don’t swing the barbell or lean back. Keep your upper arms straight down close to your sides.

Concentration Curls

Sitting on a flat bench, open your legs and lean forward slightly. Pick up a dumbbell in your right hand, palm upwards. Keeping your right elbow on the inside of your lower right thigh and your left hand supporting on your left thigh, curl the dumbbell up to squeeze forearm and bicep together, twisting your wrist to point your little finger towards your body. Maintain your body position, keeping your upper arm still. Slowly lower the dumbbell untwisting your wrist back to start position, and repeat.

Alternate Hammer Curl for Big Biceps

This is the same as the hammer curl but with alternating arms. Lift one dumbbell and lower, lift the other and lower, then lift the first dumbbell again.

Incline Dumbbell Curl

Lie back on an incline bench set at about 45 degrees with a dumbbell in each hand. Let your arms hang down, palms facing each other. Keeping shoulders square and back pressed flat into the bench, lift both dumbbells up to shoulder level while turning your wrists so that, at the top of the lift, your thumbs are pointing away from each other until you squeeze forearm and bicep together. Slowly lower the dumbbells back down, turning your wrists back to start position.

Alternate Incline Curl Bicep Building Exercises

This is the same as the Incline Dumbbell Curl but with alternating arms. Lift one dumbbell, then the other etc.

Cable Hammer Curls With Rope Attachment

Stand upright facing a low pulley cable station. Grasp the low pulley rope attachment in a palms inward grip, tuck your elbows in and pull up, bending elbows to squeeze forearm and bicep together, keeping your palms facing each other. Slowly lower to starting position and repeat these bicep building exercises.

Close Grip Standing Barbell Curl for Big Biceps

Grasp barbell palms up, hands about a foot apart (you can also use a medium or wide grip). Standing upright with feet shoulder width apart and head up, curl the bar up in a semi circular arc keeping your elbows tucked in, until forearms squeeze against your biceps. Lower slowly, still keeping elbows tucked in, and repeat without ‘swinging’ the barbell.

Barbell Drag Curl Best Bicep Exercises

Last of our bicep building exercises is the barbell drag curl. Standing upright grasping a barbell using an overhand grip, palms down. Bend your elbows so that they stick out behind you and your forearms point forwards. Curl the bar up while keeping it in contact with the front of your body (dragging it up). Lower and repeat these bicep building exercises, keeping elbows in and shoulders down.

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