Brief History of the Development of began as a simple website in 2002, hosted as a site. In the early days, the amount of content on this site was relatively small – just a few pages on a small selection of subjects.

Over time, more and more well researched and “hand written” content has gradually appeared across a broad range of subjects, hopefully providing helpful and relevant information to all who visit the site.

In order to fund the development and running costs of the site and to provide an income to the owners, we have employed the Google Adsense monetization model on Man Health Magazine Online to good effect.

Whilst providing a reasonable return for the effort of publishing helpful information, we believe that Google Adsense ads actually provide a useful service to visitors who have finished reading and wish to surf to a new site about a related subject.

In 2006, migrated and evolved from the simple block-by-block built SiteBuildIt site to a more flexible xSitePro built site, hosted by HostGator.

In 2014, was migrated again to the WordPress platform with a cleaner and more professional style.

We hope that you have enjoyed this brief history about us at and we look forward to providing you with more and more helpful information in the future.

Best wishes from!

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