teeth whitening strips

Teeth whitening just got a whole lot easier … and more affordable!
This is because you are about to experience professional quality teeth whitening results without having to worry about spending a small fortune or making an appointment with your dentist.

These teeth whitening strips by Sparkling White Smiles have been designed to provide you with the finest whitening results in the comfort of your own home. They contain are easy to adhere to your teeth and stay put throughout your 1 hour whitening session.

Whether you are preparing for a big event such as prom or your wedding day or if you just want to maintain your pearly whites, our whitening strips will rapidly brighten and whiten your smile. Yes, that’s right. You can finally get the smile you have always dreamed of without having to dig deep into your pockets. Our whitening strips offer whitening results that are comparable (if not better!) than those costly strips sold by major brands.

Each teeth whitening kit includes a total of 28 whitening strips (14 uppers and 14 bottoms).

– Fast Results
-Easy to Use
– Minty Flavor
– Affordable

What are you waiting for?
You are 14 days away from a brilliant smile.

Click ‘Add to Cart‘ to order your own Teeth Whitening Strip Kit by Sparkling White Smiles today! How do our Extreme White Strips whiten teeth? The strips are soft and sticky, with a layer of whitening gel on the film. Once the strip is attached to the teeth it produces a large number of bubbles; this is ecological reactive oxygen. They safely penetrate enamel to clean pigments and stains to whiten teeth. Will the teeth whitening strips damage enamel? The major ingredient is peroxide that is used globally by dentists. It will not harm gums or enamel, various tests and long term practices prove the effectiveness and safety.Onuge Brand- Sparkling White Smiles – Grab one of our teeth whitening kits and get ready to show off your new sparkling white smile!
Each two week rapid whitening kit includes a total of 28 strips, 14 uppers and 14 bottoms.
The strips are individually packaged, making them conveniently portable and easy to use while on the go.
Our mint flavored whitening strips have been specifically designed to contour to the surface of your teeth for maximum whitening.
Results are visible after just ONE HOUR as these teeth whitening strips are just as powerful as major brands, only much more affordable!

Buy now… $17.99

Source: Sparkling White Smiles Professional Teeth Whitening Strips – Bright White 28 Express Strips – Compare to Big Brands and Save – Removes Years of Stains Fast – Onuge Express Strips