teeth whitening toothpaste

Colgate Sensitive Whitening contains potassium nitrate, clinically proven to soothe the nerves in exposed dentin, and a superior stain removal formula to help restore the natural whiteness of your teeth (with regular brushing vs. non-whitening toothpaste). With regular use, it provides long-lasting sensitivity relief and removes surface stains to help keep teeth whiter and brighter.Provides 24/7 sensitivity protection (with continued twice daily brushing)
Contains a maximum strength, FDA-allowed antisensitivity active ingredient
Whitening toothpaste helps restore the natural whiteness of your teeth
Formulated with an effective stain removal formula (Vs. non-whitening toothpaste)

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Source: Colgate Sensitive Maximum Strength Sensitive Whitening Toothpaste 6 oz (Pack of 6)