As an experienced tantra teacher will tell you, tantra meditation is not the same as yoga meditation. Though certain recent formats of yoga meditation do have aspects of tantra meditation within them, the fact is that these two disciplines derive from different philosophies that happen to have certain areas of overlap.

Tantra meditation involves the utterance of tantra mantras (or sacred chants), tantra breathing and reverend introspection and reflection. However, it does not, as a rule, require the practitioner to have sex. Rather, the intention is to find that space of utter non-thinking that is invariably attained during the final stages of the sexual act and ensuing orgasm. The mind is neither willing nor able to hold on to any thoughts at this decisive time of sexual ecstasy. Likewise, the objective of tantra meditation is to reach and maintain this state.

Tantra meditation can be practiced alone, or in an adequately guided tantra for couples meditation session. It is generally advisable to practice it in a group setting, since this allows for a greater build-up of synergistic tantra energy

Under the guidance of a qualified tantra master, the full power of tantra meditation is unleashed and set to work in the student. It opens up a direct channel for tantra energy to flow, thereby driving out all stress, worry and tension from the mind and body. As a result, the student can experience oneness with the cosmic forces that created, sustain and empower a life nourished by the ancient art of tantra.

Within each of us – specifically, in the region of the spine’s tail bone – lies a core of energy that waits to unfold and transform us. The idea behind tantra meditation is to allow this energy to ascend through the various centers of power – the tantra chakras – and reach the crown chakra. It must be stressed here that this is primeval energy, which is in its unformed state. Though it is powerful, it can also do harm if allowed to flow without proper tutelage. In other words, tantra meditation should not be practiced without the supervision and instructions of an experienced tantra master. Under the right conditions, it can be a life-changing experience.

Your tantra master can teach you to harness and utilize the energy generated during such a meditation session to vastly improve your sex life, interpersonal relationships and ability to address the various stresses and challenges of modern life. Tantra practice is therefore incomplete without a good working acquaintance with the techniques involved in this powerful form of meditation.

Do not seek shortcuts to finding and using the power of tantra meditation – rather, allow your tantra teacher to guide you every step of the way – and witness yourself begin to overflow with power, confidence and an unbelievable joy of life and living…

How To Practice Effective Tantra Meditation by Acharya Subhojit Dasgupta