Folligen copper peptides hair loss treatment was developed by the same physician who created Tricomin. It’s also primarily used to stimulate hair regrowth with copper peptides technology (containing over 31 times more copper peptides per ounce than Tricomin), and act as a scalp conditioning treatment for irritated scalps.

Folligen Copper Peptides and Hair Regrowth

Peptides are small pieces of proteins (amino acids), which are the building blocks from which most living tissue is derived.

Some peptides have an affinty for bonding tightly with copper, thus creating copper peptides.

Copper is vital for promoting healthy hair growth and a healthy scalp. By applying specific copper peptides directly to areas of hair loss and thinning hair, it’s possible to stimulate hair growth in dormant hair follicles.

So it becomes possible to stop the negative effects of hair loss, and facilitate thick, healthy hair growth using hair loss products such as Folligen hair loss treatment.

Copper peptides have been shown in clinical trials to facilitate hair growth by stimulating naturally dormant follicles into their growth phases, effectively countering the damaging work of the hair loss causing hormone, dihydrotestosterone DHT. Hence the success of the Folligen hair loss treatment. This hair loss treatment is available as a spray, lotion and a cream.

Folligen copper peptidesĀ is the most popular hair loss product which primarily uses copper peptide technology to stimulate hair growth. Considered by some to be superior to Tricomin, this product contains a high concentration of copper peptide complexes combined with saw palmetto oil.

Folligen copper peptidesĀ hair loss treatment contains multiple biological signals for renewal, all acting to awaken hair follicles from resting telogen phase, causing them switch to the anagen growth phase.

This hair regrowth treatment is best used alongside other compatible hair loss treatments which stimulate hair follicles such as Rogaine, and dihydrotestosterone DHT inhibitors like finasteride Propecia.

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